HumaneChat AI powered live chat

HumaneChat empowers live chat and messaging with the powers of artificial intelligence. We provide technology, consultancy and implementation of chat voice solutions. We primarily focus on live chat automation. However we also have extensive knowledge of chat and messaging as marketing automation tools. This is commonly refered to as conversational marketing.

Chat en messaging channels

Consumers can interact with your business in many ways. That is why it is essential to use an omnichannel approach to messaging. The primary ways for consumers to interact with your business in 2020 are listed below:

  • WhatsApp (supported)
  • Webchat (supported)
  • Apple Business Chat (partially supported)
  • inApp Chat (iOS) (supported)
  • inApp Chat (Android) (supported)
  • Facebook Messenger

New ways of chatting emerge on a regular basis. Quite recently google maps rolled out chatting with businesses. Our solution combines all chat channels in to one applciation, automating interactions on each channel.

Why should you chat

There are several reasons for adopting messaging and chat. For now there are two I wish to mention in particular. First, chat will boost conversion tremendously. Second, messaging is safe. In fact, it is far safer then alternative methods of communication such as telephone or email. Finally, and this is important. It is what the consumer wants.

Our proposition

We offer three necessary aspects of messaging business cases.


This is the first part of our platform. We offer a simple application to talk to your customers and to start automating interactions.


Second we offer in depth consultancy about how to chat and how to script conversations. Additionally we have extensive knowledge about the ways you can use messaging to reach out to your public. Finally we advice about generating leads through messaging channels. dat


Finally we assist your organization with how you can adopt chat and messaging.

Currently we are working on a solution to use the lessons we learn in chat and apply them in the voice channels directly. Thus besides messaging voice will be an additional channel we will support.

Privacy & Security

At HumaneChat we take extra care of privacy and security. All the data we collect is stored for fixed periods and is stored within the EU to ensure the highest standards of security.

AI powered live chat

example of AI powered live chat.


AI powered live chat is a powerfull tool when developing voice applications. We believe it to be essential to chat before you talk :)

Business Cases

Leads through chat on facebook messenger

Recently we have used facebook messenger to generate leads through chat. We connected a facebook ad campaign to our application to generate leads for online training and coaching. On the one hand live chat can be used to answer questions about the nature of the training. While on the other hand AI was used to enrol people for the broadcast on webinar geek. Finally
we were able to remind people and ask people for feedback about the webinar.

Boosting conversion on an affiliate marketing site.

In january 2020 we used webchat on specific pages on an affiliate marketing site to boost conversion. On avarage we saw an increase of 32.4% in conversion from the people that used chat.

WhatsApp QR code Tool

Aside from our regular work we have released a small tool to generate a WhatsApp QR code: WhatsApp QR code generator