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We have over 4 years of experience in working with B2C chat and we have seen the future. In China, the messaging-app WeChat is used by hundreds of millions of people everyday to interact with businesses. Channels like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger offer a great opportunity for companies to fully service their customers and build long-lasting relationships. Of course, offering personal service through chat can be very costly when done on a large scale. The challenge is reducing costs by automating chat, without ever losing that personal human touch. We help you get chat right, giving personal attention to all your customers, enhancing customer experience, while simultaneously reducing costs.

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AI Chat voor coaching
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'Perfectionisme Coach'

The perfectionism coach used facebook ads to get people to attend her free online training. We made a chat campaing in which we made it possible for her to talk directly to her audience. While simoultaneously enabling her audience to register for the training in the chat, automatically. By using this approach we were able to follow up and ask for feedback after the training easily and through a personal channel.

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Contact puts you in charge of your conversations while simoultaneously automating the process. Contact as in order to make this possible for your organisation!

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